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The woman in purple walked across the city and the ninja followed. As she was walking, she felt someone her, but brushed it off since it was a crowded city. Sadly for her, it got dark all of a sudden and she realized that she lost track of time. She started walking a little bit faster because she didn't feel safe when it was dark outside. As she rounded the corner, she saw a black shadow emerge out of nowhere. She realized it was a man in a ninja costume. She tried to escape by turning bask to where she came from but realized she was trapped as she saw another man in a ninja costume. As they tried to move closer to her, she pulled a pepper spray out of her purse and sprayed both of them in the eyes. But she wasn't done yet as she grabbed the nearest object and began to attack blindly. As the ninjas layed on the floor with cuts and bruises, she smirked, satisfied with what she had done to protect herself.


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